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What Is SPOWI?

SPOWI is a team of professional coaches , physiotherapists, and sports physicians – all of whom are dedicated athletes themselves. Our aim is to help you reach your athletic goals – however ambitious they might be.

Professional Training Support

Individual Coaching

Strong Performance Gains

Professional &
Scientific Coaching

Do you have specific training goals, or would you like to optimize your training sessions for maximum gain? With our expertise and equipment, your vision can become reality.

Sports Medicine &

Do you have an injury? Do you have questions in the area of sports medicine? Do you need a check-up before starting an intensive training regimen? We’re ready to provide you with evidence-based advice.

Our methods


Fitness Assessment & Goal Setting

Before designing a training program, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your health and performance abilities. Whether your goal is to improve performance or recuperate from injury, we then work with you to define your goals and develop an optimal training regimen.


Monitored Training Phase

During the monitored training phase we provide close support and coaching based on the latest insights in sports science. We strive to keep the training regimens of our customers simple yet efficient. We offer various software tools to help you monitor and track your progress.


Evaluation and Re-Check

The only thing constant in life is change. For this reason, your goals need to evolve as you do. We perform a diagnostic assessment at the end of your training program, taking a step back to look at the big picture. How far have you come, and what do you want to achieve next?


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