Our Team

Mag.a Barbara Wolfschluckner

Sport Science

When it comes to the subject of endurance sports, then Barbara is the perfect contact person. Trough many years of experperience as a caregiver in the high performance sports, she has a strong expertise, which she likes to share with you.

  • Many years of experience as a sports scientist in IMSB Austria
  • Sports science of individual and team athletes (National rowing team, National triathlon team)
  • Barbara is an ambitious triathlete

Mag.a Christine Strebinger

Sport Science

Christine complements our team to another important piece of the puzzle. With her experience as a sports scientist in technical disciplines and endurance sports, she knows how important it is to develop individual and sport specific training measures and implement them in practice.

  • Long-term activity as a sport scientist in professional sports and amateur sports
  • Sport scientist of the austrian sailing National team for the olympic games in Rio de Janeiro 2016
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in athletictraining

Christoph Morawec

Sport Science

Christoph is our generalist, an expert in a wide variety of sporting disciplines. A former gymnast, he is highly committed to serving our clients with his extensive expertise. Christoph has many years of experience as a sport science specialist at IMSB, a renowned Austrian center for athletic development . He has personally provided advised the Austrian national volleyball, diving, and synchronized swimming teams.

Mag. Harald Horschinegg

Outside consultant

Harald is our highly valued outside consultant. He has many years of experience in the coaching of professional athletes as well as broad expertise in sports science. For many years Harald has been the director of the competitive sports division of ISBM, a renowned Austrian center for athletic development. He was also employed for many years in the Austrian Sports Ministry. Harald has personally coached many individuals and teams, both at the national and international level.

Dr. Wolfgang Schebesta

Sports physician

Wolfgang is our expert for physical examinations and medical advisory services. Wolfgang is known for his extremely conscientious and thorough approach to client care. As a soon-to-be pediatrician, he is particularly sensitive to age-related issues .

A talented cyclist and runner, Wolfgang is extremely passionate about sports medicine. He has advanced degrees in sports medicine, high-altitude medicine, emergency medicine, and manual therapy.

Jens Peters .Sc


Through his many years of experience as physiotherapist at the University Hospital of Vienna for physical medicine and rehabilitation and as a Landhockey player in the Austrian Bundesliga, where he still plays, Jens knows exactly what kind of physiotherapeutic care a sportsman needs.

  • 3 years at the University Hospital of Vienna for physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • physiotherapist of an Austrian Landhockey Bundesliga team
  • in the Master course of sportphysiotherapy


Robert Kadar

Swim coach

Robert is our swimming specialist. Regardless of whether you are a complete novice or advance swimmer trying to shave milliseconds off your times, Robert is ready to provide targeted and effective assistance with your training.

Robert is the head coach and athletic director of the Mödling swim association and has many years of experience as a competitive athlete.